Just before DreamHack Summer 2011 Hannes “Hanes” Rahm and I sat down and talked about that it would be cool to actually submit something for the Wild-competition at DH which only was two weeks away. After a couple of hours brainstorm and research on Internet we had an idea, and Illusions is the result.

This was the first Wild/Animation entry released at DreamHack by me and Hanes. Released under the group Zink-Interactive who by placing first both in 64-bit demo and combined demo previously aren’t newcomers at DreamHack. After two days work we had a lot of footage to cut together and sync with the soundtrack made by Hanes. At the end we finished at second place, with Raddox on the first place with remix of Skurt, not too bad for a first try.

Unfortunately wasn’t I able to be at DreamHack when the video was shown or at the prize ceremony, but thanks to the wonderful production I could sit in a hotel room in Malmö and watch it live.

Try figure out how the effects are made before you check out the Behind The Scenes post