My name
is Louie

“I smell like bananas.”

I am a creative security nerd that loves graphs and photos. During the days I work for Bodforss Consulting trying to make sure the Internet is secure. But when the sun sets and I take to my private projects anything can happen, mostly bad things. But on rare occurrences there are great success and those might get posted here on the blog.

This is my new new new blog, less photos and more stuff but please remember that it’s still work in progress.

Basically the blog is divided into three main categories, Projects, Experiments and Random. Under the first category I’ll post stuff that has a bit more work behind it, sometimes even a finish. Under Experiments there will be exactly that, experiments, tests and failures, things that never made it into the Projects category. Lastly there’s Random, where anything might happen, so step with care. In a while I’ll add a Gallery-category, for all the photos but I haven’t really figured out how I want it yet.

Got any questions or thoughts, please contact me any way appropriate.