I have a Raspberry PI in the boot of my car, and it can get quite warm during the summer months, so it needed some cooling. The problem is that it features a PiJuice, to be able to handle the power being cut as soon as the car is turned off. But I couldn’t find any cases that had place for both a fan and pijuice, even if i Googled for at least 30s.

So I designed and printed a simple case for it with a 5V 4010 fan. The fan is connected to PiJuice and a small python script that uses the temperature reported by the cpu to control the fan.

The case was printed in three sections to avoid overhang. The two bottom pieces is glued together and the top piece, or lid, is held in place with magnets.

Since it’s going to be hidden away under the floor of the boot, and the looks doesn’t matter I simply used the colour filament I had in the 3d-printer and used a 1mm nozzle for it to print quickly.

If I do another one in the future I would route the fan-cable internally instead, otherwise I’m quite happy with how it turned out.