For quite a while I have been annoyed that I didn’t have a phone stand for my phone that would charge it wireless. But then I remembered that I had an old wireless charger that I didn’t use any more.

The first crude version had a design flaw, I had not accounted for the precise positioning needed for the wireless charger in relation to the phone. So I quickly printed a half-moon shaped “bodge-spacer” to test it out.

When I had the first version I realized that I wanted the posibility to have the phone in landscape mode also, and still charging. So version two added that, but when trying it out the positioning of the charger came back and haunted me again. Even if it was perfect when the phone was in portrait mode it wouldn’t charge properly when in landscape.

Version three (and the final (so far)) version moved the landscape-holders a bit and also thinned out the design a lot. And now it works, it’s ugly, but works.