I’ve been looking for a CMS to create my new website in. I would like something that i could run locally and just “compile” to static html that could be rsynced to a remote server. My main reasoning behind this is that I can’t be bothered to have a WordPress site that needs attention, constant upgrading and poses a security threat in any way.

For the last couple of years I’ve looked at Jekyll and Hyde and all reasonable alternatives available but non of them was to my liking. It they was all full of markdown and ugly.

My solution

One day it just occurred to me, why not just run WordPress in a docker on my local machine and create a static copy of it. So I found a guide that a briefly read through and copied the code to try out, and it worked!

But as always is there corner cases and special cases so I adapted the script a bit, added a NodeJS part to make the Javascript inline and minify the HTML.

You can find my version here: https://github.com/the-louie/wp-to-static

The result

It’s what you’re viewing right now 😀