After the immeasurable success with the first case and the fact that I have computers both at home and work, and can’t be bothered to transport a keyboard back and forth I decided to create one more. Since I had more Lou1:e PCBs and just got a new keycap set it was a natural choice to just continue working on modifying Andreas Chlupkas original design.

I did like the look and feel of fabric on the keyboard but wanted it a bit more fluffy, and I wanted to colour match the the case with the keycaps. So of to the fabric store with some of the keycaps and start looking. And since I didn’t really had decided on a look yet I bought three different fabrics.

I had to adjust the design a bit to fit more padding but after a couple of versions I had one that I felt was a good compromise between perfect and more work.

Since I print with a 1mm nozzle on the 3D-printer there is quite a bit of putty and sanding before it is ready for the paint. I found a nice braided red USB-cable that i cut and soldered into my PCB. No one has time for USB-connectors in both ends when prototyping 😉

I choose the grey fabric, which was some kind of “luxury-fleece” according to the lady at the store. I also bought some thicker padding material and the result was indeed a lot fluffier than the first version, and maybe a bit too fluffy to be honest. It took away bit from the clean lines in the original design.

The final result

It’s quite pleasant to type on and the fabric is a lot more wear resistant than the blue fabric in the first version. Even after half a years use no wear is visible anywhere.